Neoprene or nylon for your safety

For all water sports, wearing swim or regatta vests is recommended. A life jacket is tested to ISO 12402-5 50N and will help you float, but you must be able to keep your own head above water. The life jacket is certified to EN ISO 12402-4 100N and can also keep you afloat in an emergency. A life jacket must be on board for every passenger on a boat!

There are two material designs of water sports vests: nylon & neoprene vests.

Nylon vests are the lower priced version and are very popular as all-around water sports vests, as they offer great adjustability. For narrower people, the vest can be worn overlapping and lashed to fit, and even for stronger people, the webbing can be adjusted to fit.

Neoprene vests offer a very high wearing comfort and give a pleasant feeling on the skin. Neoprene vests are bought in 90% of the cases exactly fitting for one person.

Wetsuits from SPINERA also called Neoprene suits, Shortys or Springsuits, keep you warm in the water, give light buoyancy and do not restrict your freedom of movement.