Wakeboard and water ski - Get the adrenaline kick at the water

Wakeboard and water ski are among the most action-packed sports on the water. With the help of a boat or a special water ski and wakeboard facility, you can reach top speeds and always find an opportunity for a jump or invert or two. The wakeboards, water skis and kneeboards from SPINERA testify to a top quality at the best price-performance ratio.

With the Wakeboard Good Lines SPINERA has created an optimal beginner board at an affordable price.

The Waterski/Pair Ski from SPINERA are best suited for beginners to advanced riders and have an individually size-adjustable binding, which easily releases from the foot in case of a fall. SPINERA combo skis also feature a monoski strap. The skis are made of ABS plastic construction. The wide shape and the V-shape ( tunnel ) on the bottom provide more stability and tracking on the water.

Also the Kneeboards from SPINERA are perfect for beginners to advanced skiers. It stands for stability, good performance and perfect tracking. 

All our SPINERA boards and skis in the Consumer line offer good performance at the best price-performance ratio, making these water sports affordable for everyone.

For intensive, commercial use as Rental Wakeboard with Grindbase on the Cable / Waterski Wakeboardlift ( for Obstacles features use ), Flex with or without edge protection or for private customers who want the best in terms of quality, we offer in the Professional line more boards.