FUNTUBES - For every water fun the right Tube

A tube or water hoop is a inflatable fun sports device that can be pulled by a motorboat or jet ski with an approximately 18m long towline.

In our SPINERA Consumer line there are different sizes and shapes of inflatable towables. When buying a tube, it is generally important to know how many people you want to tow with it. In the consumer line, you'll find Tubes, Banana Watersleds and Loungers from 1 to 5 people, even up to 20 people in our Professional line. Each tube is equipped with handles, loops to attach the line, high pressure valves for quick inflation and deflation, and many also feature 2 chamber safety systems. You can sit, lie down and kneel on some of the sporty towables. Under the category Spinning you'll find Roundtubes that spin around their own axis while you ride. Fun and action guaranteed! On the cozy loungers you can either sit comfortably like on a couch or kneel in front of the backrest. 2 pull directions make this possible.

Tow line, pumps and quick connect hooks are mostly not included in the scope of delivery of the tube. You can find all the accessories in set offers or at Accessories.

When buying a tube, it is also important to make sure that you have a sufficiently powerful motorized boat. We generally recommend not to exceed a max. pulling speed of 16km/h for children and a max. pulling speed of 30 km/h for adults.

For safety reasons, we also recommend that you equip yourself with a suitable life jacket made of nylon or neoprene.

SPINERA guarantees an extra long life for your new water sports and fun gear!




Guide to choosing towable tubes: