Best performance with SPINERA SUP

The Stand Up Paddle market has seen a huge boom in recent years and will continue to develop a lot in the coming years. Beginners can learn this water sport without expensive training lessons themselves and already after a few minutes you have the hang of it.

Stand Up Paddling is an extremely fun and effective water sport that works the whole body, right down to the deep muscles.

In addition, in recent years, a SUP board has become affordable for everyone. Spinera SUP boards are inflatable, take up little space, and can be easily stored and transported in the included backpack.

From SUP to SUP-KAYAK - Flexible as your life

If you can't decide between SUP and kayak, you have 2 options. You decide for a SUP and mount a kayak seat or you check out our new innovation - our brand new SPINERA SUP-KAYAK
We turned SUP + KAYAK into a SUP-KAYAK and thus combine both sports into one product.

All our Spinera SUP-KAYAK models are made of a high quality HDDS (High Density Drop Stitch). The bottom of the SUP board can be removed, transforming it into a kayak. In some models, the bottom can additionally be used as a bodyboard.