Take the ride of your life on the world’s best water bike. Merging modern design, technology and engineering, the S1-C delivers an unparalleled experience on water.


The revolutionary Schiller S1 Outdrive provides riders an incredible range of steering and maneuverability. The Outdrive will automatically retract up when beaching and can be stored in a retracted position or easily removed. The S1 features a black, textured urethane coating.


Featuring integrated steering and propulsion, turning the S1 is as easy as turning the handlebars. Riders can easily navigate in and around small areas and sensitive marine habitat. Reverse pedaling allows for three point turns.


The frames is tig welded T6 aluminum, Alodine, and powder coated for corrosion protection, and durability.


Engineered to transfer the maximum amount of human energy into speed on the water, the S1 features a proprietary drive train, integrated steering and propulsion and Gates Carbon Drive belts. With a 1:7.5 gear ratio, riders experience a high degree of thrust of the line and reach speeds of over 10 mph /16 kph cycling across the water.