New 82cm
pre-preg mast

carbon construction

18.3kg incl
Nano battery

Wave optimised
Folding Prop

ULTRA L2 blurs the line between eFoil and surf foil. Impossibly light, slim, stiff and hydrodynamically efficient, it performs like nothing else.

All new shape.

Honed into an even narrower and slightly longer form.

Designed with steep takeoffs and sharp turns in mind. ULTRA L2 has evolved into a slimmer board, boasting enhanced responsiveness and agility allowing seamless transitions and touchdowns.

Hydrodynamic excellence

More hydrodynamically efficient thanks to their flush mounted titanium interface, these performance wings ensure maximum glide. They’re compatible for use with Flite carbon fibre MN eFoils and Flite Aluminium Performance eFoils.

Harness the full power of the ocean

When designing Flite Folding Prop, we took the unique approach of optimising hydrodynamic flow in it's closed position rather than while open and powered. Put simply, the Flite Folding Prop works best while not working.