Fliteboard Series 2

Highly evolved

Watersports have evolved.  Fliteboard series 2 is  even simpler, more reliable and user friendly. Find freedom and fly over water – on the world’s most advanced electric hydrofoil.


Max Speed              Max Range          Max Duration          Warranty

55 km/h                    40 km                  2 hours                      2 years

*Based on 80kg rider using Flitecell explore


Which Fliteboard is right for you?




The most popular board flows strong, always at your pace

The iconic Fliteboard is our #1 best seller. It’s great for sharing and can quickly be adjusted for performance. Turn rivers, lakes and oceans into your personal playground.

There’s a reason most people ride Fliteboard. It’s the multi-tool of eFoils. Whether you want to take your dog for a ride or push the limits in waves – Fliteboard suits the widest range of skill levels and conditions.

   Size                     Volume

    5’8″x28″                       100 Litres



Agile. Responsive. Intrepid.

Agile and responsive for lightweight riders and boundary-pushers alike. The solid planing area encourages newer (but confident) riders to get up and get carving.

Fliteboard High performance versatility. Our most popular board planes early yet remains agile for advanced riders. Quality construction and modular design means you can teach friends, or add advanced wings to progress your ride.

Size                            Volume

5’0″x24.5″                                67 Litres


Strap into the world’s smallest eFoil.

Ultra is for experts who want to take the sport to new heights (literally). Reduced weight, streamlined design and optional foot straps make it the ultimate for waves, jumps, racing and carving hard.

 Size                              Volume

4’2″x23″                                    54 Litres


Built for the toughest adventures. Even learning.

AIR’s rugged, inflatable design makes it perfect for families, yachts, resorts and schools. More than 50 Fliteschools worldwide choose Air. It’s a great go-to for heavier or older riders who’re after a more forgiving way to fly.

Size                              Volume

6’0″x30″                                   150 Litres


Learn to fly in one hour. Guaranteed.

Learn to fly at one of our Fliteschool Authorised Partners. If after a one hour lesson you’re not foiling in control for at least short distances, the next lesson is on us.

New wings for Ultra rides: Flow and Race.


Our new performance wings have been specifically developed for expert riders on Fliteboard Ultra and Pro. The Flow range comprises six wings designed for waves and hard carving, including wing breaches. Race has been designed for full-throttle high-speed riding.