From a spark of inspiration to a global phenomenon, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


eFoil propulsion systems

Exquisite design, meets premium materials and performance, providing unrivalled balance, stability and responsiveness. From beginner to pro, if you’re going to ride, ride the best.

Why mast length matters

Positioning the motor at the base of the hydrofoil lets you ride higher with 4 different mast lengths to choose from. Each is specifically designed for different board and rider preferences, from the beginner friendly 60cm to the ultimate performance 82cm.

What’s in a diameter?

Housed in our 46mm fuselage is the smallest diameter and lowest drag eFoil propulsion system on the market. Extremely streamlined, it significantly increases ride time, whereas our slightly larger 60mm motor creates greater thrust and top speed.

The importance of materials

Aero grade aluminium
Premium materials and construction are key to giving our groundbreaking eFoil designs, groundbreaking performance. We use either the most advanced Japanese high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre, or aero grade aluminium.

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Tech made easy

Flitebox is a powerful, patented onboard computer with wireless updates and no unnecessary cabling. Ingeniously elegant, it sits at the top of the mast to minimise swing weight, promote thermal management and keep the board free from all electronics, further increasing longevity. There’s a reason we’re known as the best.


Streamlined design
There are no electronics in the board. Less can go wrong and there’s less to maintain. A lightbar tells you the status of the system and the battery.
Flitebox is a powerful onboard computer that coordinates data from multiple sources for an epic rider experience.
Wireless updates
We’re constantly fine-tuning and improving your ride without any stress on your end. Updates are wireless.


Patented heatsink
Our Flitebox system is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium, complete with finned heatsink to keep all electronics cool.
Designed to perform in harsh environments. Premium quality construction means reduced risk of corrosion.


Materials + craftsmanship

Premium materials and construction are key to giving our groundbreaking designs, groundbreaking performance.

HMPP carbon fibre

The most advanced Japanese high modulus pre-preg (HMPP) carbon fibre offers peak performance due to its incredible strength to weight ratio and torsional stiffness.


Titanium is incredibly strong, light and corrosion resistant making it perfect for safely housing our premium power cells.

Aero Grade Aluminium

Each non-carbon unibody fuselage is machined from a single block of aircraft grade Aluminium. The anodised result seamlessly connects mast, fuselage and tail as one, for optimal performance and thermal management.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is combined with innegra, an incredibly light and hydrophobic fabric in a premium PVC sandwich construction that offers riders an unbelievable strength to weight ratio.


Durable and high performance, our fibreglass options offer the same freedom of Fliteboarding at a more accessible price.

Soft Top

An EVA foam top layer adds extra buoyancy, comfort, safety, durability and grip with no added weight. Perfect for riders launching from boats and docks.


Award-winning control

Our award-winning Flite Controller provides intuitive control and real-time data. The Marc Newson designed MN Flite Controller steps it up further for an even better riding experience.

Power of choice
including world’s lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery

Whether you want the most agile ride with 6.2kg Flitecell Nano or the longest with Flitecell Explore, our market-leading batteries have you covered.

Battery options

Flitecell Nano for ultimate agility

Flitecell Nano is the world’s smallest and lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery. With up to 45 mins foil time, it provides effortless manoeuvrability.

Flitecell Sport for sports enthusiasts

Flitecell Sport comes standard with every Fliteboard configuration. With up to 1.5 hours foil time, it provides a fast and responsive ride.
Flitecell Explore for adventure seekers

Flitecell Explore is a bigger battery containing more premium cells for a longer ride.

Go further with up to 2.5 hours foil time.

Flitecell Chargers

Choose from 25A Flitecell Fast Charger or 13.5A Flitecell Charger.


Hydrofoil power

Containing premium 21700 cells, as used in electric hypercars, these cells deliver a more aggressive ride. Additional thermal headroom means they won’t overheat.

Titanium reinforced

Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. It’s strong and corrosion resistant, which is why we’ve used it to house our premium cells.


Phase Change Materials

Our range of Flitecells contain Phase Change Materials, which absorb and release energy. PCM provides enhanced thermal management, safety and longevity.

Advanced Battery

Management System
Our BMS is unbeatable for a swift, safe charge and consistent temperature control. Three levels of fusing adds redundancy for electronics failures.

Sight glass

Sight glass allows you to check for water in the battery compartment, but with a water resistance rating of IP67 that won’t be necessary.