Fliteboard Repair and Service
Your Official Fliteboard Service Center

Fliteboard repair & service

Your contact for all technical questions

Our aim is to be available to you 24/7 for all your technical questions even after the purchase. You have a technical problem and need help very quickly. No problem, within 48 hours we will pick up your board, repair it and bring it back to you.

We will personally pick up your Fliteboard from you for maintenance and support. There is no need for time-consuming shipping.

Your Service Partner

The contact person for all technical questions even after the purchase

All-round feel-good package

Top service with us & discounts for our customers

Working for you 24/7

Available around the clock

Fast, reliable service

Collection and repair within 48 hours

Fliteboard repair & service

Fliteboard guarantee

In order to receive the two-year guarantee from Fliteboard, an inspection is required for the first time after 12 months and then recomended every year inspection. We carry out the inspection, maintenance work and all repairs on your Fliteboard for you and are happy to be there for you with all technical matters!

Repair and service

Inspection: First after 12 months and then every year inspection

Spare parts delivery or exchange

Logistics Cost

How to get your Fliteboard fixed?

While out there cruising your first concern is how to get the Fliteboard to us, right?

Easy shipping
79 Ex.Vat.
Reliable, Fast & Reasonable
Flat rate across The Med per bag
With or without Protection Box
At your shedule and pace
One Flat Rate
Bring it to us
0.00 Ex.Vat.
3 Certified Repair Centres
Athens, Greece
Elefsina, Greece
Limassol, Cyprus
Repair onboard
399 Ex.Vat.
Quick & Efficient
Repairs done within 12 h
Priority service
All parts available
Greece or Cyprus
Maintenance packages

Preventive Maintenance, Refurbishment, Winter Storage

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Fliteboard is ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with packages to cover the basic or extending maintenance.

Pre-season Check
49 Ex.Vat.
Health check
Full operation check
Pressure test
Software update
First Year / Yearly Maintenance
199 Ex.Vat.
Yearly or 100h service
Pressure test
Oil replacement
O-Rings replacement
Preventive protection
192 Ex.Vat.
Protects exposed areas
Front nose protection
Carbon fibre
Unique look
475 Ex.Vat.
Design your own
Custom design
Impecable wrap
Unique looks
Full Refurbishment
1140 Ex.Vat.
Make it new again
Full repaint & polish
Transparent wrap film
Weekly Storage
20 Ex.Vat.
Secured location
Securely stored
Maintaining battery health
Quick access
Monthly Storage
50 Ex.Vat.
Secured Location
Securely stored
Maintaining battery health
Pre-season check