BRABUS x Awake

Shadow Jetboard

BRABUS x Awake

The BRABUS x Awake partnership has produced the most elite performing jetboard of all time.

By combining BRABUS's luxury engineering expertise with Awake's cutting-edge electric surfboard technology, these two market leaders have created a state-of-the-art jetboard that sets new standards in performance, design, and innovation.

Awake Electric Surfboards

Awake is at the forefront of water sports with our cutting-edge line of electric surfboards.

Our RÄVIK Jetboards and VINGA eFoils are designed and developed in Sweden.

BRABUS x Awake Shadow

The most elite performing electric surfboard


The easiest high-performance electric surfboard


The most extreme electric surfboard in the world


The Click-to-Ride system helps riders to get straight in the water, saving riders time and energy otherwise spent on setting up the board. Less time spent on land and more in the water, where you want to be.

The Awake VINGA series offers unmatched assembly speed with our Click-to-Ride system, replacing screws, hatches, and cables with a modular snap-together design. Battery, mast, and board connect in seconds. Switch between the VINGA S and VINGA 3 boards in the blink of an eye.

Set up your boards quickly, and switch batteries between both RÄVIK and VINGA boards effortlessly.

Flex Battery

One Battery for all boards - The Awake Flex Battery System allows you to power both the VINGA and RÄVIK series with the same Battery.

Plugging the Battery into or swapping between your boards is done in one movement thanks to our Click-to-Ride system. No cable, hatch, or over-complicated locking mechanism, making it the easiest and quickest to handle and maintain on the market.

The most advanced design and features you can expect regarding safety. Self-monitoring of the Li-Ion cells, continuous electronic system analysis, and various mechanical layers of safety make it powerful, durable, and reliable.

The Ultimate Yacht Toy

Your yacht deserves the very best. And so do you.