S series

Break boundaries with the most extreme Electric Surfboards in the world!

Break Boundaries

Experience ultimate performance with Awake's S Series Electric Surfboards. Designed for blood pumping, adrenaline rushing, action, the RÄVIK S Jetboard and VINGA S eFoil are unmatched in power and precision. These boards have been engineered to push the limits of water sports, and provide you with the ability to pull off the most extreme tricks.

Featuring advanced carbon fiber and sharp lines, the S Series hulls have a hydrodynamic and durable design. Their low buoyancy and tight channels provide a sporty and agile ride, increasing mobility and giving you the ability to cut the sharpest turns. Challenge yourself with the agility and responsiveness of these models, created for those who want to break the boundaries of water sports.

Unleash your Ride

Designed for riders craving adrenaline and exhilarating experiences, these boards deliver unparalleled control and grip. Unleash your ride with high jumps, carving, backflips, and super tight turns, the S Series models are synonymous with peak performance.

The Linear Jet System featured on these boards sets the industry standard with unmatched continuous power and exceptional grip in the water. It ensures you remain unstoppable even amidst the fiercest waves. The RÄVIK S jetboard has been used to ride the Giant Waves of Nazaré in Portugal.

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