The most extreme electric surfboard in the world


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The Awake RÄVIK S is the most powerful electric surfboard.

Experience the thrill of speed with a board that's built for agility. Whether you're carving turns or executing tricks, the RÄVIK S responds with flawless accuracy.  With a 0 to 50 km/h acceleration in under 4 seconds, you're always on the brink of action.      

The RÄVIK S features an advanced hull with sharp water release and an aggressive rocker that cuts through water with razor-sharp precision, delivering fast, controlled rides that will leave you breathless. The linear jet system ensures constant grip even in the choppiest waters, powering our riders in any conditions and enabling the highest jumps.

Crafted for optimal water flow, the hull cuts through the water with precision and ease, allowing for quick, responsive turns and effortless maneuvering. Whether carving tight turns or navigating choppy waters, the RÄVIK S responds with intuitive precision, making it feel like an extension of the rider.

The RÄVIK S achieves its remarkable responsiveness through a low buoyancy, deep hull shape as well as its lightweight and robust construction. This high-level of responsiveness allows riders to feel an unparalleled connection with their jetboard.

Equipped with a high-performance electric motor and state of the art jet propulsion system, the RÄVIK S harnesses immense torque to propel riders across the water’s surface with breathtaking speed. Riders can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

The RÄVIK S advanced propulsion system not only defines it as one of the most powerful jet boards on the market but also enables riders to execute high jumps, dynamic carves, and aggressive maneuvers with ease. This raw power, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes the RÄVIK S a symbol of peak performance in water sports.

Riding Profile





57 KPH






22 KG


52 L


175 X 61 X 27 CM





Included when you buy

Awake Flex Battery Charger

Awake Power Key Leash

Awake Flex Hand Controller

Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger

Awake Foot Straps

Awake RÄVIK Fins

Push The Limits

The Awake RÄVIK S is the next step in jetboarding.

Feel the adrenaline as you push the limits of water sports with raw power and instant throttle response. Every ride with the RÄVIK S is an opportunity to push harder, jump higher, turn sharper and ride faster.

Awake RÄVIK S jetboards are highly agile & reactive, advanced riders will be able to experience a new level of control. Crafted to challenge water sports enthusiasts, the unique board hull features low buoyancy and provides a sporty riding experience.

Prepare for heart-pounding jumps, powerful carves, backflips, and high-speed runs. The Awake RÄVIK S stands out with its jet propulsion system, delivering the strongest continuous power output in the industry.


Maximize your time on the water with the industry's quickest electric surfboard setup.

Assemble your board with a single click. Just slide the battery into place and press down the handle. With no screws, hatches, or cables to worry about, you'll be ready to hit the waves in seconds.

The streamlined design of the RÄVIK S also ensures minimal maintenance, keeping you focused on the waves.


We've engineered every aspect of our electric surfboards with your safety in mind. From continuous firmware safety updates and adaptable rider modes to our fully enclosed linear jet system, safety is a cornerstone of our innovation.

Our signature Awake Flex batteries feature four layers of protection, powering your rides with peace of mind. The linear jet system propelling the Awake RÄVIK S through the water is completely covered, ensuring that in the event of a fall, you're protected from contact with the impeller.

We've also integrated numerous electronic safety features, such as a "return-to-shore" mode and comprehensive system monitoring, to protect both you and your equipment at all times.

With Awake, you can focus on the thrill of the ride, knowing we've got your safety covered.

Modular Systems

Experience the versatility of Awake’s Flex Battery system, where one battery fits all electric surfboards.

This innovative feature of Awake's modular design lets you effortlessly switch between any Awake jetboard and eFoil in an instant. Whether you're torn between the thrill of a jetboard or the magic of an eFoil, Awake gives you the best of both worlds.

The mobile app offers various "rider modes" to tailor the speed and ensure an optimal experience. Start at a gentle pace and gradually unlock the full potential of your Awake boards, step by step.

Customize your ride with different foot strap configurations. Whether you prefer the freedom of a strapless ride or the secure grip of a full-strap freestyle session, you can configure the perfect setup to enhance your Awake experience.