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Discover the thrill of electric watersports with Awake's 3 Series Electric Surfboards. Featuring the versatile RÄVIK 3 Jetboard and VINGA 3 eFoil, this lineup is meticulously designed to elevate both new and seasoned riders into the exhilarating world of electric surfboards.

The 3 Series is crafted for ease and comfort without sacrificing performance. The boards feature refined rails engineered for a smooth takeoff, allowing first-time riders to quickly adapt and find their balance. The enhanced stability of these boards provides a platform for riders to build their skills confidently.

Versatile boards

Power meets versatility in the 3 Series, designed for those who want true watersports adventure. These boards are a playground for riders eager to explore coastlines, lakes or any body of water. These electric surfboards offer a combination of comfort and performance that invites experienced jetboarders to experiment and perfect new tricks effortlessly.

At the heart of the 3 Series is the most powerful jet in the industry, delivering unparalleled torque for an electrifying boost across any water condition. This power, coupled with Awake's exclusive shielded linear jet technology, ensures not only a thrilling ride but also a safe one, making these boards an ideal choice for adventurers of all levels and sizes.

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